Our Culture

At VSL, we combine our unique Vietnamese culture values, i.e. family relationship, and Western values, i.e. personal accountability and result-oriented, to  establish corporate values. We live our values daily and we do self-reflection to move ourselves up to next levels.

We are a customer-focused organization

We believe that customer’s success will result in our prosperity.

We move fast

We encourage “do-it-now” working style. Thus, we accept failures but expect to get lessons learned from these failures


While we value individuals, but we also expect mutual expectation from all the people. We always give constructive feedback.

Open and transparent communication

We encourage in-person interaction over other means. Moreover,  our open and transparent communication culture is conveyed across the team. Our leaders can be reached by anyone in the organization.

“We can do it” attitude

We believe this kind of positive attitude can help finding solutions to complicated problems. This is not only useful to our work but also creates energetically thinking for our life.

We care about “QUALITY”

The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle is chosen as the main tool for our Continuously Improvement program.

“We strive to make our workplace your second home.”

Benefit Package

What can you do and receive?
    • You’re given power to make decisions and take ownership in everything you do
    • Comfortable working conditions.
    • Work with friendly and helpful team
    • Meet with talent people
    • Contribute to development of society and humanity via useful products and services
    • Work in international and multi-cultural working environment
Below is our standard benefit package:

Premium Healthcare Package

13th Month Payment

Annual Company Field Trip

Annual Peformance Appraisal

Monthly Happy Hour Party

Celebration & Events

Clear Career Development Path

Training Activities

Social & Charitable Activities